To love and dancing was founded by Adam Jones.

Our name was inspired by a toast we wanted to give all of the bride and grooms

we work with.

It's a privilege to be allowed access into your life and we would never ask you to be anything you are not. Those laugh lines? We adore them. Not a fan of painfully posed portraits? No problem, we make it fun. That moment you never dreamed of but wind up cherishing for a lifetime? Our specialty.

We will help you tell the story of this exciting, emotional, extraordinary time as you set out on the adventure of married life. You won't find trendy or gimmicky techniques here. Its your wedding after all, and we love you just the way you are. 

Hello Everyone!!! My name is Adam and I am so excited to have you on my website and I would love for the opportunity to work with you!!

I grew up in West Chester, Pa and have been in the photography industry for the past 10 years!! My love for photography all started with skateboarding and snowboarding!

I’m a big fan of morning walks for coffee with my family, running, cycling, hiking, good music, sunny days, last minute trips, and apple products. I love Jesus, my wife, my daughter Harper, my son Smith, traveling, experiencing new cultures, my family, and helping others.

As a husband, I firmly believe in marriage and want to do my best to capture all that it means to get married and to celebrate that with you through photography.

I love being a wedding photographer and I love LOVE! How could I not?!?! I get to be with people on the happiest day of their lives!

Please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions you have!!